The Secret Garden


Here you will find additional resources you may want to use to enhance your experience. You can find the read aloud suggestion and many other items here. These are not required but suggestions. You may want drawing paper for art or seeds to plant some flowers. All items are linked through Amazon to make shopping as quick and simple as possible. I try to only include things that are Prime to eliminate shipping costs.

About $7.00

The Secret Garden
ByFrances Hodgson Burnett 

This is the Suggested read aloud for The Secret Garden LRT.

The read aloud is an important part of many of the Little Rabbit Trails. We strongly encourage you read this aloud with your children no matter what their age is. It opens up the opportunity to discuss this book together. Don't miss out on experiencing The Secret Garden with your children.

About $15.00

This is a beautiful copy of Aesop's Fables. It has a section in the front that shares a brief history of Aesop himself and  info on illustrators who have had the privilege of bringing his fables to life. A true treasure. There are other versions that are less expensive, but I find the pictures in this one well worth the price. My children love looking at the pictures while we are reading.

About $5.00

If you have a yard then this is a wonderful book. It is full of all sorts of things you can do in your yard/garden that will bring your children closer to nature. some of the activities are: how to harvest seeds, dessert in a bowl, building a vegetable tunnel, mosaic bird bath, compost wormery, weather station, building a willow den to play in and so many more fun things to do no mater the season.

About $40.00

This microscope magnifies up to 1200X and is a complete kit with slides, cover, blades, and much more.


You will be introduced to ways to look at bacteria that you can find in your home and the grocery store.

About $289.00

This one magnifies up to 2000X and comes with a built in camera that can connect to a computer. You may need additional supplies such as slides and slide covers for the second option. Always nice to have options right?


You will be introduced to ways to look at bacteria that you can find in your home and the grocery store.

About $3.00

This is a great deal. Large pages for your little hands.  This can be used as a nature journal for when you go out to observe nature, to draw while you read, or for your art lessons.

About $6.00

This is a higher quality portfolio paper. You still have the large pages and the paper is slightly textured and it is acid free. This can be used as a nature journal for when you go out to observe nature, to draw while you read, art lessons, and whatever else may fit their fancy.

About $5.00

It can be fun to watch the movie after reading the book. With my children, we look for things that are different and the same as the book. We compare and contrast.

About $13.00

This book is awesome. It's like having your own Dicken in a book. It is a nature guide for children complete with areas for taking your own notes. This sturdy hard back book has wonderful pictures to help identify plants, berries, nuts, birds, nests, rocks and minerals, arrowheads and artifacts, seashells and sea creatures, and flowers. It also has simple activities like flower pressing, using berries to make paint, rock candy, planting seeds, and more. 

About $11.00

Jump roping is a great form of exercise. Your LRT will include some great Jump rope inspiration. This comes as a set of six for a great price and they are plastic so they will be able to be spin fast if wanted. It comes with enough for all the kids or a couple extra so mom and dad can join in.

About $7.00

Kids can have a lot of fun with yoga and this will be great once the winter hits. Suggested for ages 3–6, but many reviewers say that it works for older children and parents can join in too.

About $8.00

These are nicer than your Crayola watercolor. I try to give higher quality things where I think it matters. They create a stronger color and the results are much closer to the artists they learn from. 

About $3.00

Paint brushes can cause a lot of frustration when trying to learn how to paint. Have you ever used a plastic bristle paint brush? These are great. They hold up well to use and washing. I always buy a few packs.

About $13.00

Printer paper really is to thin if you want to make a real attempt at watercoloring. I use it for when my kids are practicing, but when they are ready to make a real painting or they are learning from an online video or class. We use the real thing so they can feel successful. This paper is a great value coming with 50 sheets of paper.

About $22.00

When learning about India you will see Rangoli art. Beautiful designs made on the ground with sand. If you feel like doing something a little extra special this month, use this sand on paper with glue. You could print off a design online or draw your own and fill it in with bright colored sand. You get a good amount of sand for the price.

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