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Tea with a Poet makes introducing your children, and yourself, to poetry in a fun interactive way.

I'm Christine, and my mission is to help you create the homeschooling experience that you have dreamed of while saving you time and frustration.

Tea With A Poet

is for you if...

-Your child has trouble sitting still for lessons

-You want to free up some of your own time

-You are new to homeschooling and don't know where to start

-You don't know how to leave the conveyor belt 

-You hate paying for over priced curriculums

-You decided to homeschool but you never wanted to

-You have been homeschooling but you are looking for something new

-You feel all alone and don't feel confident homeschooling


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  • A Subscription to The Poets Letter mailed directly to your house written by a poet from the past.

  • A poem to memorize

  • Tea time treat recipe

  • Live Monthly Poetry Tea Time

  • Poets card with picture and facts

  • Rabbit Trail activity

  • Suggested learning & study for older children

  • Access to the Fb Group for more learning resources and workshops

  • A direct hand in developing the membership to work for you

  • All future Perks! As the membership grows, so do your benefits - but your FOUNDING MEMBER PRICE REMAINS LOCKED in for as long as you remain a member. 

Doors Close In

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Here's what our testers have to say about Little Rabbit Trails Unit Studies

How Does it Work





Each letter is focused on a poet. It is written as if the poet themselves wrote it and shares tidbits about their lives. Children will feel as if they are peeking right into the life of the poet.


Learn more about the poet through facts included or with links that can be found in the FB group. This could be a bonus activity, biography, map exploration and more. 

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Do the Activity

Now its time to have even more fun and do a hands-on activity related to the poem included. It  will naturally incorporate multiple educational disciplines. 

Topics like:

math, art, history, music, geography, nature studies, cooking, biology, life skills, crafts, science, social studies, astronomy and more.

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Mom and Kids Painting Together

How We Support The Mommies

Handmade Wooden Plane
Hiking With Child
Working Mom
Mother and Son

All mommies feel inadequate from time to time and it is no fun place to be. That is why you need to join Tea with a Poet. Not only is this community about creating a stellar learning experience for your children but its a place for moms to develop confidence in their choice to home educate their children and to step out and do what they know is best for their children.

  • You will be empowered and gain confidence to homeschool successfully by following small bite-sized steps to transform the environment and atmosphere of your homeschool.

  • You will have less stress thanks to the new, high quality, learning experiences delivered every month, giving yourself more free time.

  • You will no longer need to beg your children to learn because the hands-on learning will reignite their inborn curiosity.

  • You will eliminate your negative inner voice and learn that you are very capable to teach your children and spot learning experiences all around you. 

  • You will no longer feel alone as you embark on this exciting journey along side other courageous mothers who are also raising amazing humans.

  • Your burning questions can be answered in the Fb Group.

AND since you are going to be a Founding Member you will have an opportunity to shape the community in a way that will help you and others...

And Lock in your membership price.