This Little Rabbit Trails was developed from the book

The Little Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


It follows the adventure of a little prince who lives on a tiny planet and after enduring an unpleasant guest he decides to leave his planet and encounters many curious individuals and eventually lands in the Sahara desert. What will come of him and what will he learn along the way?


Explore the world of The Little Prince. Learn about the sun, astronauts, the baobab tree, ermine, pilots, every planet, asteroids, comets, cobras, and more. This Little Rabbit Trail comes with 20 full-color cards to entice your child to learn about new and wonderful things. You can see a sample of the actual cards above.


Within this Little Rabbit Trail, you will experience Geography (Sahara desert), astronomy, zoology, art, science, history, poetry, music, chemistry, cooking and more. The child will also develop and improve skills such as critical thinking, vocabulary, and cultural awareness.


All videos, movies, books, and website resources have been pre-viewed for quality and for age-appropriate material. Over 100 hours have been put into the resources provided.

Space Adventure LRT

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