For a limited time this Little Rabbit Trail is only $5 since links need to be updated. But lucky you, you get a chance to purchase it at this deeply discounted price. 

This Little Rabbit Trail was developed from the book

The Door in the Wall By Marguerite de Angeli


The Door in the Wall is a book about a boy who is planning on becoming a squire, and a knight someday. When both of his parents are gone, and unable to be reached, he falls ill and looses the use of his legs. The reader follows his journey of self rediscovery as he tries to find new meaning, purpose and worth in his new situation.


Explore medieval life. Learn about the castles, constellations, swimming, feudalism, and more. This Little Rabbit Trail comes with 20 full-color cards to entice your child to learn about new and wonderful things. See a sample of the actual cards above.


It is accompanied by a resource guide full of resources such as, but not limited to:

the suggested book, movies, music, videos, activities, crafts, memorization, copy work, art, biographies and so on.

Within this Little Rabbit Trail, you will experience Geography (Wales), pathology, art, religion, physical education, history, architecture, music, astronomy, and more.


The child will also have the opportunity to develop and improve skills such as chivalry, table manners, memorization, penmanship, vocabulary, and empathy.

All videos, movies, books and website sources have been pre-viewed for quality and for age-appropriate material. Over 100 hours have been put into the resources provided.

Knights and Princesses LRT

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