This poetry journal is the perfect place for your budding artist to record artistic thoughts about poetry. It was created to be a companion to "A Year of Poetry Tea Time" book but can be used with any poetry selections.

–Each page has space for a single journal entry.

–There is a 1/2 a page for your artist to draw something inspired by a poem read. This is different from the Jr. Journal because it has a larger place to draw and more lines to write on.

–It provides a place to record the poem title, poets name and date.

–It also includes lines to write thoughts about the poem, a poem of your own, new words learned, or use it as a space to do some copy work of a favorite part of the poem. You could even use the space to write down mini bios about the poet.

–There is space for 96 poems. This is perfect for those who enjoy expressing themselves through art or to encourage a child/student to develop a new talent.

–ALSO AVAILABLE:: A Year of Poetry Tea Time:The Essential Guide to Everything Poetry and Tea, A Year of Poetry Tea Time Journal (pink theme), A Year of Poetry Tea Time Journal (blue theme), A Year of Poetry Tea Time Journal Jr., and Relaxed Homeschooling.

A Year of Poetry Tea Time Artist's Journal


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