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20 Short Books for the Reluctant Reader: Learn to Love Books

20 short books

Are You a Reluctant Reader?

Not everyone grows up to love books. This could be attributed to a plethora of reasons. No matter the reason, you have come to this list and here you will find a variety of books to give a try. Learn How I Made Myself Love To Read.

It is sobering to know:

• 1/3 of all high school graduates will never read a book again.

• 42% of all college grads will never read a book again.

• 80% of all American homes will not read or buy a book in a years time

Don't let your home become a part of this statistic. If you set an example in your home everyone in the family will benefit from it. Remember, be the person who you want your children to be.

Here are some great short reads.

An * marks those that may be a more challenging short read due to the style of writing:

Don't know where to start? I have listed them in a suggested order to help you work your way up to a true love of books.

1. The Spiderwick Chronicles by:Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black

2. The Tale of Little Pig Robinson by:Beatrix Potter

3. Sara Plain and Tall by:Patricia MacLachlan

4. The Little Prince by:Antoine De Saint-Exupery

5. *The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by:Washington Irving

6. *Rip Van Winkle by:Washington Irving

7. Skylark (sequel to Sara Plain and Tall) by:Patricia MacLachlan

8. Winnie the Pooh by:A. A. Milne

9. A Bear Called Paddington by:Michael Bond

10. The First Four Years by:Laura Ingalls Wilder

11. The Call of the Wild by:Jack London

12. The Red Pony by: John Steinbeck

13. Animal Farm by: George Orwell (For teen and older)

14. The Incredible Journey by: Sheila Burnford

If you rather spend your time reading

self-help or informative books try:

The New One Minute Manager by:Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D

(how to manage life)

Turn the Page by:Chris Brady

(learn how to read books like a top leader)

Gift from the Sea by:Anne Morrow Lindbergh

(meditations on youth, age, solitude, and contentment)

Man's Search for Meaning by:Viktor E. Frankl

(Learn what a man learned while he lived in and survived a Nazi concentration camp)

Dumbing Us Down by:John Taylor Gatto

(Learn how public school has nothing to do with education)

The Dream Giver by: Bruce Wilkinson

(Learn how to reach your life dream)

An article titled *The Long, Steady Decline of Literary Reading by Christopher Ingraham, relaying facts from a study done by the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts). He states that with the increase of education in the country you would expect to see the number of people who would read leisurely to increase, but that is not happening. "Indeed, previous research by the NEA has found that drops in the literary reading rate have happened across the board, among all ages, races and educational levels."

*Click the link above to read the entire article mentioned from the WAshington Post

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