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Contest BeGins March 1, 2022

Contest is now Closed

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The 2021 winners can bee seen on the contest winner page here.

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17 winners

1 Grand Prize winner

3 winners from each age group


4 Authors picks

ALL 17 winners will be published

More details below

Competition Age Groups 

Elementary 5-10

Middle School 11-13

Teen 14-17

Adult 18 and up

Entries Accepted From March 1-March 31

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I want contest reminders and updates

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Contest Rules

1.Poems can be on any subject. At the same time vulgar, profane and adult content is not permitted.  Every submission that follows the rules outlined here will be considered for publication. 


2.More than one poem may be submitted (Maximum 3) but must be entered as a separate submission and entry fee.


3.The submitted work must be the words of the submitter.


4.Before you submit, please remove any identifying information, such as your name, from your manuscript. 

5.Poem must be 35 lines or less, including stanza breaks not including the title. Lines may not be more than 50 characters across, including spaces.

6.Capital letters should be used at the start of each line and follow proper capitalization rules unless being used to emphasize something. DO NOT write the entire poem in caps.

7.Please proofread your submission for grammatical errors.

8.DO NOT use "texting lingo". Properly spell all words.

9.To ensure proper lineation, please use the "Enter" key to start a new line, indicating intended breaks. 

10. There is a small fee of $5 to enter the contest. This fee will help provide the cash prize(s) that will increase as more people submit. New this year, $1 of each entry fee will go towards building and installing a tiny library in a rural community. A single cash prize can be from $20-$600. See below for cash prize breakdown.

11.Winning poems will be published in A Year of Poetry Tea Time must be an original work by the person entering the contest. Plagiarism is against the law  with serious consequences.

12.All individuals poem will remain the property of the author. Little Rabbit Trails  will have the right to publish winning submissions with no additional obligation to pay any royalties.

Conflicts of Interest: Anyone who is a direct relative of a judge

may not enter in that age group they are judging. 

Fees collected from submissions will be used to award cash prizes in addition to publishing, printing and mailing prizes.

It will also cover additional costs to run this contest.

$1 of each submission fee will go towards building a tiny library for a rural community.

Prize Scale

All scale levels include being published in the poetry book A Year Of Poetry Tea Time: Patriotism.
The Grand Prize winner, top 3 poets in each age group, PLUS 4 Authors Picks, will be published


# of entries        Grand Prize            First Place          Second Place     Third Place








































Every entry fee will bring us $1 closer to installing a Little Library in a rural neighborhood. 

Learn more about the little Library Program at www.littlefreelibrary.org

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