The 2021 Poetry Contest Winners Will Be Announced on April 30, 2021

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May 1st

England 9pm &

Australia between 6:30am & 8am 

Check out the poetry of past published poets below.

2020 Contest Winners

A short message from one of the poetry Judge

Kathy Mellor

While it is an honor to judge the poetry submitted, it is also tremendously difficult to look at all the work and heart that went into each one and deem one better than another. I commend all the participants for their excellence, it is no small thing to bare your soul on paper. My hope is that whether or not you won, you continue putting pen to paper and develop your gift for sharing thoughts and feelings through poetry.

Grand Prize Winner

Reagan Dregge




The Loch Ness Monster's

shape was born

In shadow-shrouded chasms

Long thought to haunt the

misty deeps

Of cold and lightless fathoms

Some say she is a

fairy beast

A figment spun from tales

While others claim a


Or remnant kin of whales

Myths multiply and

theories mount

But just the other day

I watched her swallow

up the sun

Then wink and float away!



14 years old



A Plea to the King

How could the earth be a boring abyss

With all the people such as this:

The soldiers who never say a word?

Or the dancer whose music is always heard?

What of the storyteller whose shows are worthwhile,

Bringing to the children smile upon smile?

Or the workers who seem not to have names

Yet always have time for the children’s games?

Or the little toddlers with two left feet

Who follow their parents like little lost sheep?

They might seem like stepping stones in the ground.

But with them here the earth is crowned.

Not with the metal that you may believe

But with all of the things that they can achieve.

So, I ask of thee- right here, right now,

If thou wilt hear my pleaded vow;

To see the world as it really should be

Not things in the way of thy decree.

And while they need not show their worth-

(As that has been useless since their birth),

I ask of thee, O’ King O’ Mine,

If thou wilt see this as a sign-


To have error is human and that's all we can be,

To change is divine so that's what I ask of thee.



13 years old


The Still River

The river is still,
as still as a painting,
yet just as a painting,
it is full of motion.
Upon the still river,
the round orb like shape of the Moon,
leading the stars
like a shepherd leads his sheep.
Then once a month,
when the shepherd goes to sleep,
the stars twinkle
and dance across the night sky.
Then, when the night turns to day,
the sun appears, a fiery maiden,
her golden hair rippling behind her.
Her dress and shoes made of gold,
riding in a orange chariot
pulled by fiery birds,
leading her army of clouds
against the armies of rain.
Just as they start to win the battle,
her own forces betray, and banish her.
All this reflected on the still river.



9 years old


He is Coming

When the sky is dark,

And the thunder claps.

He is coming.


When the trees tremble,

And the earth quakes.

He is coming.


When the wind whirls,

And the rain falls.

He is coming.


When the rain stops falling,

And the earth stops quaking.

He has come.

Published Poets


Reagan Dregge


Nessie (Grand Prize Winner)


Melissa Crowther



Winter's Wait

Juliette Hiller

Oh, Smiling Moon

Middle School

Elena - 13 years old


A Still River

Grace - 13 years old



Caden - 12 years old

South Korea

My Sweet Little Sister



14 years old


A Plea to the King


17 years old




14 years old


When Imagination Takes Role


Kathryn - 9 years old


He is Coming

Cayden - 10 years old


A Seed I Sow

Jordan - 9 years old


Authors Pick

Kylie - 10 years old


Deadly Dreams

Isla - 11 years old


The Killamanine

Cambry - 12 years old


Seaside ABC's

Max - 5 years old


Best of the Best

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