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20 Rabbit Trail Cards 

Intriguing, fun,

full-color cards to spark a new interest every day

Resource Guide

Suggested read-aloud books, copywork, movies, memorization, literature, crafts

music, & more

Inspiration Guide

Tips and hints on how to enjoy the rabbit trail and create a stress-free learning environment


Educational Links

Exciting and informative 

online videos, tutorials, lessons, audio books, & more

*Everything Previewed for Age Appropriateness


Thank you for this beautiful format to show how to have a fun and relaxed homeschooling environment. I hope to be able to use this more in my home. And I would love to use some of your fun Rabbit trails also. 

Diann Ruesch - USA

Our family our family has loved spending time in the Little Rabbit Trail United studies. One of our favorites was the Little House in the Big Woods. We had a daily read aloud, and then each child chose a picture, and we did a variety of fun hands on activities based on those pictures. Making butter from cream, molasses candy, learning about bears, etc. Super fun and very flexible!

Angela Millsap - USA

What fun we had going down rabbit trails for the unit study for Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe! It covered so many hours and areas of learning in such a natural way! The cards and references were very helpful to prompt the kids and spark curiosity in this home :d

Vanessa Koutsoukos - Australia

Outstanding work! Provides wonderful instruction on how to meet your child right in their area of wonderful! Highly recommend!

Lin Haleu  - USA

"A unit study with a twist!

A semi-guided tour of the subject with plenty of room for 'roaming.'"

                               - Sara, Ohio

How It Works



We spend countless hours sifting through online and tangible educational materials to provide you with a stress-free experience that will inspire curiosity and a love of learning in both your children and you.





Each day a child picks one Little Rabbit Trails (LRT) card that looks interesting to him or her. 


You reference the accompanying resource guide full of suggested literature, videos, and activities, related to the LRT card.


Explore the topic with your child/children and let curiosity lead the way.


Experience the excitement of child-led learning every single day.


Works great with children, ages 3–14

(Core - Practice Scholar Phase).