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You are invited to be

One of our Judges

for the 2nd Annual
International Homeschooling Poetry Contest
Contest runs March 1-31, Judging in April

Congratulations! We are hand picking judges for this international poetry contest. We are striving to procure the best judges possible to provide the highest quality experience for those who choose to participate in our contest.  Judges that will not only bring credit to the contest but also get both children and adults excited to write poetry. We started this contest to promote exposing children to excellent literature and to encourage children and their parents to explore expression through poetry. 

Potential Judges we have reached out to...


Kent and Amy Bowler


poet Kwame Alexander.png

Kwame Alexander


judge Amelia DeField.png

Amelia DeField


judge Ian Cox.png

Ian Cox


judge Richard Blanco.png

Richard Blanco


poet Dimitri Reyes.png


Why am I hosting this event?

I created this event to encourage families to explore literature through poetry. Poetry is an amazing way to expose children to a broad array of cultures, vocabulary and explore a whole new way of thinking. 

I also created this event to give budding writers a chance to be published. Both homeschool children and their parents, all over the world, are permitted to participate. Last year, children were able to see their parents work toward a goal and set a valuable example of creativity & grit. Parents watched in awe as their children composed deep meaningful written art.  

We have picked you to be a judge after hours of searching to find the judges that would best serve our contest submitters. Our theme this year is Patriotism. All countries have stories of patriotism, fighting for freedom & rights, and a beautiful land. We believe that you have lots to offer and look forward to working with you. 

poet Simon Mole.png

Simon Mole


judge Sarah Kay.png

Sarah Kay


judge Ellie Naomi.png

Ellie Naomi


judge Sarah Janisse Brown.png

Sarah Janisse Brown


judge Rachel and Greg Denning.png


Rachel & Greg Denning

judge Dave Crosby.png

Dave Crosby


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