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A Year of Poetry Tea Time
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Your on your way to planning the  perfect

Poetry Tea Party

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A Year of Poetry Tea Time
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The Family Manifesto Creator


Why a Manifest?

A manifesto is a way to establish what is most important to your own family and create a statement that expresses your families core beliefs and lays a foundation to refer to. You can also include things about family dynamics and support, values, and goals the family is working towards.

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The Family Manifest
is mentioned in the book 
Relaxed Homeschooling
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Your Free Mini Little RabbitTrail

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I am so excited for you are interested in Little Rabbit Trails.

I have made this two-week (ten subject) mini rabbit trail based on the book 

Lafcadio The Lion Who Shot Back

By Shel Silverstein

It is a type of unit study that will have your children excited to learn new things every day.

This is learning at a whole new level.

Check out all the awesome things they will explore and is perfect for preschool and elementary because the activities are adjustable or

perfect to do with multiple ages together. 

If you don't have access to a library here is an audio version of the story

Or Read it from here

Check out more Little Rabbit Trail Units Here

In this mini pack, you will find 10 full colored Rabbit Trail cards representing













Some of the exciting topics  

you will get to explore are . . .




Social Experimentation




Food Web

A President




99 Ways to do Read Alouds

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Is your read aloud time feeling a little underwhelming? Maybe it's time to spice it up a little. Here is a list of 99 ways to do a read aloud and a great list of books to get you started for the reluctant listener. 

The Gingerbread Man Book

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Inspire Your Children

Get your children excited to make and print their own book from home. It's a fun project to do any time of the year and create your own themes. Included is a Gingerbread Man form to use. Along with this activity you can also cook gingerbread men or bread, learn about the spice ginger or the origins of molasses, Make molasses candy if there is snow outside and talk about the importance of obedience.