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Cut paper snowflakes and hang them from the ceiling


Draw a picture or write a letter to someone who lives far away or may be lonely and mail it to them



Make Fake Snow & have a snowman building contest/show & learn how real snow is made

You will need Baking Soda and Shaving Cream


Read the poem Christmas by Edgar Guest


Make Hot Coco ice pops

If you dont have popsicle forms then you can use a small cup or ice cube try instead.


Do a Bigger and Better Food Drive scavenger hunt

You are going on a food scavenger hunt. Start with a can of food and head on over to a neighbors house. Knock and tell them you are on a food  drive scavenger hunt. Ask if they  better and best. Show them the can of food and ask if they have anything bigger or better. Do this door to door and fill up a bag.

If you live where neighbors are far apart you could go to the store and do a canned food scavenger hunt and let the kids try to find a list of canned foods you create. 

Deliver the food to a food bank or family in need


Make a Winter/Christmas music video and spread Christmas cheer online


Make home made peppermint sticks

Peppermint stick recipe:

Read the poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost


Make a toilet paper snowman

Don't feel like you have to go out and buy stuff to make these. Be creative and use what you have around the house.

How to make a toilet paper snowman:



Learn about fractals and draw your own snowflake fractals


Shovel a driveway or rake leaves for an elderly neighbor

Learn about the northern lights and then do a watercolor and crayon painting of them.

What makes the northern lights?

Painting video is in the Little Rabbit Trails Group and search #advent


Invite another family or a person without local family over to watch a Christmas movie



Learn what an evergreen tree is and the importance of the pinecone. Make a pinecone bird feeder.

You will need peanut butter, a pinecone or toilet paper roll, and birdseeds

About evergreens:

About pinecones:

Pinecone bird feeder (You could use a toilet paper role if you don't have pinecones: 


Take a homemade treat to a neighbor you have never spoken to

Read your favorite Christmas stories while eating popcorn

Book suggestions: The Mitten, The Mitten Tree, The Snow Tree, The Nutcracker,  

The Snow Queen,  The night before Christmas



Go Caroling door to door on your street or in your apartment complex

Free printable caroling book:

Learn about Wilson Bentley and then try to take a picture of snowflakes. How will you doit?

Short biography on Bentley and his obsession with snowflakes

Learn about Wilson Bentley and then try to take a picture of snowflakes

A picture book about Bentley



Bake Breaded bread

This bread is so delicious. My grandmother used to make it every year. slightly sweet on its own, almost like the Hawaiian sweet roll. Perfect for adding butter to. 

How to make breaded bread:


Watch an old Christmas movie like Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th street, or A Wonderful Life.

Make it extra special and make home made egg nog to sip on.

You will need to make the drink in the morning so it has lots of time to chill.


Make Scandinavian Christmas Rice Pudding Risalamande

Learn how to make it here:


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