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A Year of Poetry Tea Time was created to put everything tea and poetry into one book. After ears of collecting poetry books, collections and printing off more poems online, I decided it was time to create a book that would include a large selection of poetry that I could read to my own children.

-I wanted to introduce them to many styles of poetry written by many poets

-I wanted poetry that I could discuss with my children

-I wanted the poetry to be accessible to a variety of ages.

You don't want to miss having this book under your Christmas Tree.

––300+ poems, enough to read one every weekday

––130 authors Bios, one for every author included in the book

––50+ activity suggestions

–– 56 quotes by famous poets to evoke creativity and inspiration

––25+ recipes for simple and elegant, child-friendly, tea time treats

––Learn how to host a poetry tea time

–– Chapters are organized by themed months

–– Poetry can be searched by theme and poets name

––You can look up poets by country

–– Tea history and etiquette

––learn about different kinds of tea

––Learn about herbal tea and how to make your own

–– Room to write your own poetry

–– Explanation of poetry styles and terms

–– Vocabulary words located right below poems

–– Full glossary with 270 terms and the poems they can be found in

–– Field trip suggestions

––FREE Tea Time Planner download