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SALES PAGE TEMPLATE Instructions: 1) Copy and paste this into your own doc in order to edit. Please do not share. 2) Write Down Your Template Wordings: 1. Your Product Name: 2. Your Customers desired result or goal: 3. Your Customers biggest challenge in reaching that goal: 4. Another Problem that your product solves 5. Way They Overcome the challenge/resistance 6. Are you a product? Service? Offer? Program? What one-word description do you have? 7. What is a positive result or outcome that is proof they are successful? 3) If you want to copy our ready-made sales page (fastest option), get a Clickfunnels Trial Account. 3b) Then Click to Copy the Sales Page & into your account. * Note: If you do not want to create this inside of Clickfunnels you can copy our “format” or layout in your own sales page website platform. Here is a PDF “Pattern” for you. 4) Fill in the Blanks of your Sales Page… and USE!! (it’s on the next page!! So keep reading!)

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